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Gray Market is a multichain platform providing neo-investment strategies that merges Traditional and Decentralized finance tools.


Gray Fund

The Gray Fund offers a unique opportunity to benefit from a diverse investment strategy that blends TradFi and DeFi. By investing in The Fund, users can earn passive income while benefiting from professional management and risk mitigation measures.

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Gray Market Trading Services offer access to proprietary trading algorithms, bots, charts, technical analysis, and more.

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Get to know the Gray Market Pro subscription and benefit from an ecosystem of financial features, products and services.

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March 2022

Gray Market Launch

June 2022

Gray Fund Beta Launch


December 2022

Gray Trading Beta Launch


May 2023

New Website UI


July 2023

Gray Market News

Full Legal Compliance

March 2024

Banking Services Launch

Staking Services Launch

Unannounced Investment Product Launch


April 2024

Targeted Equity Sale

May 2024

Targeted Capital Raise


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What is Gray Market?

Gray Market is a financial technology company that provides Participating Members diversified exposure to traditional finance, decentralized finance, cryptocurrency, and derivatives markets. The Gray Market platform provides comprehensive and innovative solutions for the management of investments with a focus on transparency, security, and optimal management strategies. Gray Market utilizes modern and advanced financial transactions (blockchain technology), investment markets and opportunities combined with proven traditional investment options, coupled with proprietary Gray Market Products & Services to provide Participating Members a truly exclusive investment opportunity.

Is there a membership fee?

There is a monthly membership fee of $200.00 per month. A Gray Market Participating Member is one who has completed any and all required membership documentation. Has paid their monthly membership fee of $200.00. And who has actively participated in Gray Market Products & Services such as funding a principal balance in the Gray Fund. The monthly membership fee is a recurring fee while utilizing Gray market Products & Services.

What is investment cap?

Currently, the Gray Fund has an estimated mid cap for investments set at approximately $25-$30 million dollars USD. When the fund reaches this milestone, it will halt additional investments from participating members. This will allow for investments to mature within the hard cap limit of approximately $50-70 million USD. When the Gray Fund reaches the hard cap, Participating Members will be forced to conduct withdrawals.

Is there a “lockup” of invested funds?

There is no “lockup” of funds other than the one public withdrawal window per month made available to all Participating Members. All withdrawals of rewards are subject to a 15% fee

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