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Experience the benefits of a unique blend of traditional and decentralized financing with our investment fund and user-friendly platform.


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The Fund offers a unique opportunity to benefit from a diversified investment strategy that blends TradFi and DeFi. By investing in The Fund, users can earn passive income while benefiting from professional management and risk mitigation measures.

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3 months

Projected Claimable

$ 1,292.74 (+ $520.87)

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$ 78.13

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$ 1,520.87

Compounding stops and monthly gains are mandatory withdrawal to users once the fund matures to a hard cap of $70,000,000.

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Assets Allocation

Our asset allocation strategy offers a diverse portfolio that includes various financial assets, which are managed by experts with a focus on minimizing risk and maximizing returns.

    Credit & Debt: 40%
    Leveraged Calls: 30%
    Derivatives: 20%
    Stable farming: 5%
    Venture Capital: 3%
    Yield Farming: 2%

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Find relevant information and quick answers to your questions

What is the Minimum or Maximum deposit?

There is no minimum or maximum amount for deposit. In the event that a Participating Member would like to deposit a large amount (Over $100,000.00), please contact Gray Market team members first.

What are the withdrawal limits?

There are no limits to withdrawals that are processed. However, if a Participating Member plans to withdraw a large amount, please contact Gray Market team members first. Large withdrawals (Over $50,000.00) will experience slightly longer settlement times due to investment and market dynamics. Very large withdrawals (Over $100,000.00) could be subject to multiple withdrawal dates over time. All substantial withdrawals will be processed and handled on a case by case basis.

Is there a “lockup” of invested funds?

There is no “lockup” of funds other than the one public withdrawal window per month made available to all Participating Members. All withdrawals of rewards are subject to a 15% fee.

What fees are applied?

A 15% fee is applied to all rewards withdrawals. The withdrawal amount must be less or equal to the available balance, including applicable fees

Do rewards compound?

Yes. All returns that remain in the Gray Fund auto-compound. Meaning, there is nothing for you to do. Each month your returns are compounded at the updated return percentage rate.

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